Rapporter demo: London 2012 Olympics

Rapporter has released a bunch of trend-based predictions about expected Olympic results on Facebook in the last few weeks.

This page demonstrates how the statistical models were fitted on the historical data, what assumptions we had and also: what can you expect from our forthcoming web application helping you to create comprehensive, reliable statistical reports on any mobile device or PC, using our intuitive driving interface.

Please choose a "sport event" below and hit the button to see what kind of estimates could be easily calculated on some automatically fetched historical data - with even some annotations and charts.

We hope that you like this demo of Rapporter's philosophy: effortless statistical reports from the cloud. And please do not forget: Rapporter is coming soon!

Technical details: the models are computed and the images are generated realtime. If you are interested in the sources, please check out olympics.brew file on GitHub (part of pander package).